Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lenten Observations 2012

Well, I guess I am desperate. It has been one week since I gave Facebook up for Lent and I am having severe withdrawal. I love to write, I have to write and FB was where I took this obsession. Without it, I have only one other choice....the blog. I haven't written on this much in the past couple of years. Actually, the last was our trip through the south on a pilgrimage tour of the early spring.

So, what has happened in the week since Lent began? Well, first off....Tom fixed the broken grout in our kitchen floor, but the grout mix didn't match the original. We thought we had an exact match.....the only thing that will make this grout match the original is if we invite people to walk into the kitchen with the dirtiest feet possible. As a FYI for anyone having to match grout with the original....invite your friends to come in and NOT wipe their feet or take off their shoes....that is what we are about ready to do!!!!

Then, there was the wedding book I tried to make on Snapfish. Worked all afternoon on the photo book, saved it and sent the proof out to my daughter, my daughter-in-law and my sister-in-law. I did hear from my daughter. When I went to find the saved is not there! I am not quite sure what happened, but according to my daughter, I need to wait until I can upload the CD from the photographer... seems I had two or three low density pics in the original. Not that it makes any difference....can't find the original!!!!

Then, the Oh Craps of all Oh Craps.....I am knitting a ruffled scarf. When you are finished, there are 1,260 stitches on the needle. I was FOUR ROWS from being done, and the damn needle broke. It was a circular needle with aluminum for the points and nylon for the rest. The place where the nylon meets the aluminum broke! Thank God it is the Lenten season! I didn't use the forbidden word one time!!!!

So, tonight I went to Wednesday evening Lenten services. I was told that I should seek the face of God in everyone I meet, in all situations I face. I am still trying to work this one out. I can hear God laughing.....Becki didn't cuss when she lost her photos.....Becki didn't REALLY cuss when she lost her stitches....

This is week one of Lent. Should I be thankful that this is the only challenge I have faced, or fearful that God is testing me and situations will get worse? I guess time will tell......

Monday, May 31, 2010

Antebellum Trail - Athens GA

I LOVE the South. I have loved it since reading Gone With the Wind when I was an 8th grader. Luckily for me, I married a man who had a brother who fell in love with a girl from the South. My sister-in-law, Gayle, has taken me so many places over the years and she is such a "Southern Belle", such a true southern woman who is so proud to be a lifelong Georgia native, that my love for "what once was" has been enhanced by her love for it also. Our recent vacation started with the "Antebellum Trail", a four-day fest of the towns that Sherman the plantations and mansions remain much as they were since the early 1800's.
The house at the top is the CHURCH-WADDEL-BRUMBY HOUSE, ca. 1820. It is considered to be the oldest house in Athens and was built for Alonzo Church, professor of mathematics at Franklin College, now the University of Georgia. This home is located in ATHENS, Ga., which is the start of the Antebellum Trail tour.

The DOUBLE-BARRELED CANNON was built in 1862. It is the world's only double-barreled cannon and was designed by Athens native John Gilleland. It was manufactured at the Athens Foundry and Machine Works. The imaginative inventor's theory was to load two cannonballs connected by a chain into the gun. The chain and cannonballs were intended to sweep evenly across the battlefield upon firing. In repeated testing, the balls traveled unpredictably, and the cannon was never used in battle.
Why do I love the South so much? Do we see monuments honoring Union soldiers who died in the "Great Conflict" right in the middle of the street? This ATHENS CONFEDERATE MONUMENT was built in 1871 and stands in the middle of Broad Street in Athens, on the same street as the Arch to the University of Georgia. It honors Athens and Clarke County soldiers who gave their lives in defense of the South during the Civil War.

This was on the sidewalk at the University of Georgia. It is Camillia blossoms in a circle with the leaves making a giant circle. It probably means nothing but I absolutely loved the symbolism of it. All I could think of was a young Southern gentleman leaving this as a calling card on the bricks outside of a woman he loved.
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The Antebellum Trail Pilgrimage

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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Autumn....the very best thing I like about it is that Gabi was born in early Autumn....September 20. Hard as it is to believe, she turned seven years old this year.
It seems like only yesterday that the little bundle with the great big eyes came to stay at my house while her parents worked. I loved watching her grow, loved being there for her everyday. I saw her first smile, the first time she rolled over, her turtle crawl, the first step she ever took. When she said Mimi, my eyes filled with tears.
Now she is seven, way too big for me to comb her hair, or help her
pick out her clothes. I want to
read to her and she would rather read to me. She struggled forever to learn her alphabet and now she is writing little books.
In short, she is growing up way to quickly and I miss her sitting on my lap. But, the last time she tried, I yelled "uncle" and had her get off....she is way too big for my lap anymore!! Pretty soon, it will be easier for me to sit on hers.
"I love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
For ever and ever, my Gabi you'll
be....." (from I love you Forever)

All is not lost, however, as I still have two little ones who can sit on my lap, love to be read to, like to help me bake cookies, fold the wash cloths, play Dora games on the computer, and cuddle me close when I hug them really tightly.

This is Izi in her Apple dress. She loves the matching tights....the hat is from the play closet!
Her red cowboy boots top off the outfit! Can we all spell F-A-S-H-I-O-N-I-S-T-A?????

And then there is Dani....Eleven going on twenty. She is smart, talented and too cool to be kissed and hugged very often. When the kids play school, which is nearly every afternoon, she is always the teacher. So gifted in this area, I hope she wants to go to BSU and get her degree in early elementary education. If not, then something with the computer. She loves to make things with Print Shop and if my ink supply can hold out, I think we may have a graphic designer in the making!!!

Izi has been told she looks like Mimi so often that she wanted to try on my glasses one afternoon and see for herself. Actually, I only hope I was that cute when I was little. The quietest of the four grand kids, Izi is total sweetness. Give her a few good books (and READ them to her!), or some dolls that need haircuts or clothes changed, or a game on the computer that she can play and she is totally happy.

Alison is the youngest of the four grands. She lives in Noblesville with Kitty and Chris (daughter and SIL) and we are just nuts about her!! Alison is lively....very lively....and at nearly age 3 I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by since the day she was born!!
Alison talks better than any 3-year-old I have ever known. She remembers songs and the accompanying movements so quickly it amazes all of us. She has obviously been the recipient of a great amount of attention and love from her mama and daddy the past three years.

Now, Alison doesn't get to eat junk food very often, so when Dani, Gabi and Izi sent her a Halloween cupcake that they had made, she was in seventh heaven!!! This is before she started eating....after a few minutes, we headed to the bathtub!!!

Alison takes dance class at the Fishers YMCA. Grandpa and I went down to see her dance a couple of weeks back and she went over, picked up extra tambourines and wanted us to dance! We had a great time at Miss Kelly's Dance Class with all the little girls and their mama's. It has to be the happiest place on earth on Wednesday morning!!

Meanwhile, back at the Okie Dokie Ranch (Ryan's name for our home since he was a little kid), it was ginormous gobs of gooey, gushy pumpkin guts coming out on the table. The girls were either getting over influenza (Gabi) still in the throes of it (Izi had a 104 degree temp. a few hours after this pic was taken) or totally cured (see Dani's face). All three pumpkins were carved that night...masterpieces all!!

Grandparents Day was the last Tuesday in October. The girls had so much family there....Nana and Aunt Rhonda from their mom's side of the family, and Papaw, Mimi and my mom, Mimi BB (as the girls call her), from Ryan's. We think the girls are so lucky to have great-grandmothers. My mom is so active! She is 81, and I doubt if any of you would have ever guessed her to be this age!!! Proof that age is only as old as you make it! Mom thrives on being sixty most days!
G and her first grade teacher, Mrs. Wynn. Teachers are such a wonderful part of our children's lives. When Gabi's first report card ever came home, she had all A's and a wonderful note from Mrs. Wynn, calling her, in essence, the cheerleader of the classroom. That made Gabi, the typical middle child, simply glow. Mrs. Wynn, you may never read this but I want to thank you for such inspiring and encouraging words for her.

Dani's teacher is Mr. Mills. What is funny is that Mr. Mills was Ryan's 5th grade teacher 25 years ago! Mr. Mills is still a kid favorite. His classroom is filled with creepy crawlies, stuffed birds and animals of all species. Dani stays after school each Friday to clean out the turtle tank. As you may guess, if we had a turtle and the tank ever needed cleaning....Mimi would have to do it or kill the turtle!!!

Finally, this is the "end" of our little story, so I thought it only appropriate to take a picture of the "end" of our Alison as she leaves dance class!
Until the Thanksgiving issue, have a wonderful month, plan now for Turkey Day (we are seriously thinking of a Wii Tournament on Wednesday night for all the family) and we look forward to sharing our fun times with you soon!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Summer for me always begins on July 4, my most favorite holiday of all. For the past few years, we have loaded up blankets, chairs, lots of food and drink and the entire family goes to Conner Prairie in Noblesville for Symphony on the Prairie with the Indianapolis Symphony. The fun of family, the outdoor air, the music, cannons firing, soldiers from the past in Civil War dress and that of other wars, the honoring of our veterans and finally the beautiful display of fireworks makes for a wonderful day. Our little group of girlies ( Dani and Gabi in back - left and right- and Izi and Alison in front, left to right) dressed for the occasion with a watermelon theme going on, or at least a red theme prevalent. Can't wait til next year!!

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is also a must-go-to for summer vacation. The new part of the Zoo has opened and we made quite a day of it. The girls still love the Komodo Dragon statue. At the Indy Zoo, the Komodo Dragon is very much alive! I hope to get these three to the Indy Zoo before it gets too late in the fall! (Gabi, Dani and Izi - front to back)

Izi loves the Merry-Go-Round, as you can tell by the happy look on her face!

Dani, on the bird and Gabi on the leopard, have pretty much outgrown the absolute thrill of the Merry-Go-Round, as you can tell by their faces....but they still "go along" so that Izi has her sisters with her!

A big part of my summer was spent doing the 30 Days and 30 Faces challenge with my Mary Kay business. I made it and received my Power Start pin plus a beautiful necklace and earrings set from my MK Director. Have I told you all lately how very much I love doing MK? Well, I do!
Here, after their facials, the kids decided they were kissably beautiful. Alison and Kitty have found each other....Chris seems to like air kisses!!!

What is summer without a good old balloon water fight? In this photo, Dani and Gabi are in the red shirts. Madison ( our niece) is in the bathing suit. They must have thrown at least a hundred balloons back and forth at each other...and then dutifully picked up the yard so PawPaw would still be happy with them!!!

We took a couple of days at Kitty's house for a little getaway. One day was the State Fair and all the junk food. The next was just Alison with the Grandparents, so we went to the Children's Museum and enjoyed all the new exhibits they have there. As usual, we ended up on the Carousel. Since it was a Monday and not as crowded as normal, I felt it was okay to grab a horse and ride as well!

One of the newer items at the Children's Museum is this pony from the 1950's. It only takes a nickel to ride. Nickels are like pennies...not used much anymore, so I ran downstairs and got ten nickels. Naturally, when I came back up, a large group of kids were ahead of us and another group behind us, so Alison only rode one nickel's worth! She sure loved it, though!

This is the ceiling of the Fireworks glass display at the Children's Museum. It is so very pretty and reminds me of summer. Wonderful vibrant colors and days all smooshed together to create a beautiful memory!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What a busy, hectic week of fun and excitement we have had! First off, was the planning and completion of the St. Patrick's parade float which was part of the 150th anniversary of Lagro Good Ole' Days on Saturday, June 27, 2009. The picture here is just as the float starts to pass St. Patrick's church and the bells started pealing as our float went past! The little gal in the red shorts riding the float is our granddaughter, Danielle. She is nearly eleven, and she and Sarah Driscoll and Megan Hurlock and her friend were kind enough to help out the Friends of St. Patrick's!

Our group, from yellow shirt left are: Mike Stephenson, Cindy Rich, Janet Poole. (2nd row) Megan Hurlock, Brenda Hurlock. Thom Cox sitting on buckboard, Danielle Wagoner and Sarah Driscoll and standing with red shirt is Yours Truly, Becki. Mom and I made the banners for the float (I don't know what I would do without mom's sewing ability); Tom Wagoner (otherwise known as my better half!) prepared the wagon, complete with spray-painting buckboard, and Ryan and Tom together retrieved the bell from the Fire Department.

The history of the bell at St. Patrick's is a wonderful tale, and one that we tried to recreate for the parade. In 1828, residents of Lagro, including Indian Chief LeGros , contributed money to the Catholics (only church in town) to buy a bell that would be rung morning, noon and evening....telling residents what time it was. After months of being gone with the sacred money gathered from the little town's residents, Pasque returned with a wonderful bell. All the men in town helped place the bell in the St. Patrick's belfrey. The bell has hung in three St. Patrick's churches, and 181 years later, the bell still calls Catholics to Mass, announces the departure of a Catholic for funeral services, and rings during the celebrations of the town that has loved it so!

The Log Cabin down by the Kerr Locks (from old Erie Canal) was bare until just one week ago. Then, Valerie and John Lawson and Lena Gray combined their many talents to decorate the little cabin in time for Lagro Days. This picture is of the dining area of the cabin. They hope to refurbish the two bedrooms upstairs before next year's parade. I hope they do something special during Christmas this year. This little cabin is every bit as wonderful as ones in Salem, Illinois and other historic tourist spots!

While Lagro Good Ole Days was going on, the Yankees Coaches Pitch team from Lagro was completing their ball season. Only defeated one time during the year, in the first game of the tourney, the Yankees came back to win the first game of the tourney and had to play a second for double-elimination rules. After nearly four hours of baseball in 90 degree temps, the kids lost by three runs. They look hot, tired and dejected in this picture, but I want them all to know what a wonderful and fun season they have given to all of us who watched them play! It was so much fun cheering the kids on, getting to know their parents (and grandparents) and having fellowship at the ball park. Is there anything more American???

Finally, my week ended with my MARY KAY OPENHOUSE! After years of buying MK from others, I decided that I needed another crack at a career! I am really excited about the future! I invited 50 friends and 50% of them showed up (and another 4 called during the MK Openhouse with reasons why they couldn't be here!) It was a wonderful day! The pic at left is of my aunt Velva Powell. She was my first of 30 faces (a MK requirement to learn the ropes of giving a facial class), she was my first sale, she was my first guest to arrive for the Openhouse, and she will host my first official party next Tuesday! Most importantly, Aunt Velva looks wonderful in this picture, and after four years of ups and downs with her health, it is absolutely wonderful to see her "back in the pink"! She has been my inspiration so many times. I only hope I can always have her positive outlook and love of life!
We have the 4th of July Fireworks at Conner's Prairie on Friday night, and I have a month of MK facials booked! The girls have six weeks left of summer vacation and Tom and Ryan are remodeling Ryan's kitchen in his house! Summer is moving quickly forward and so until next time I find a reason to Blog, God bless you each and every one and don't eat too much corn!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


June 16 will be a landmark day for my mom. She will be 80 years young on that date.

(Pictured is Alison, Kitty, Becki and mom).

Born to Addie Mae (Joh) Powell and Orange Powell, mom was the youngest of twelve and was christened "Bessie Mae", after grandmother's favorite sister. This is a name my motherly dearly hated and has always been known as "Beck".

Mom married my dad, Harold, on August 2, 1947. Dad was a trucker and mother was responsible for raising two girls, keeping the home fires burning and fixing and repairing whatever broke during dad's absence. Dad died in October 2002 and mom's training as a "single parent" really paid off for her. She lives alone, mows eleven acres with her tractor and hand mower each week, keeps her own house and raises Hibiscus flowers as a hobby. She learned to knit at age 73 and is well-known for her abilities with a sewing machine. Each Wednesday she volunteers at the Wabash Food Pantry and is an active member of Dora Christian Church.

I'm not sure who is blowing those candles the or

Alison gave grandma a new decorative flag to hang beside her house.

As usual, my mouth is open and my eyes half-closed in a picture! But, the rest of the group is looking good.
My son, ryan, his daughters Dani (in orange shirt), Gabi and Izi.

My daughter Kitty with Alison (age 2.5) and Mimi BeBe (as the kids call her). I don't think mom was taking a nap in this pic, but I won't swear to it! Ha

We have spent much of our life being the 3 Musketeers. Dad was home on weekends only. This is me, my sister Cindy and mother.

Mother only has one sibling still living and that is Uncle Guy. He is 20 months older than mom and they have been best buds for eighty years. When these two get together, you know stories will be flying and laughter will be plentiful!